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Dr. Dana Beyer, Democratic Candidate for the Maryland State Senate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard during this election campaign, beginning with my campaign manager, Pete Baron, and including Sharon Brackett, Celinda Lake, Chris Grewell, Reece Peak, Lucinda Ware, Bobby Gravitz, Aaron Beytin, Kevin Gillogly, Chris Galloway, and the volunteers led by Trevor and Georgina. We came up short, but in the tradition of American politics, which is, unfortunately, seriously threatened today, everyone gave it their best.

One lesson was that we need to develop a new structure for our primaries where we can hold elected officials to task for their actual records, rather than act like such facts are unacceptable for debate and that discussing them is somehow “negative.” We must do better, or there will be no bulwark against the rising tide of antidemocratic illiberalism.

I wish Jeff improving health, so he can do the job to which he was elected. Maryland needs its leaders to be fully engaged in these fraught times.

May we all continue following our better angels and defending the Constitution.

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